We issue youth credit cards

We issue youth credit cards

The urgent problem of lack of money for young people has recently been solved very simply. So far, many banks have only given loans when the borrower turns 25. Now that level has dropped and loans are available in 18 years. Various banks are currently offering a youth loan, which is characterized by a not too high amount, but it is enough to buy a new phone or a stylish blouse. Banks usually offer a variety of programs, such as credit card loans. Almost all credit cards are united by one important feature – they have a grace period in which previously withdrawn amounts can be put on the card without interest being overpaid. Almost all cards have very low annual rates.


Credit cards for teenagers

Credit cards for teenagers

Fine Bank of Russia became the first financial institution to work for the financial future of our young people. He first understood the advantages of this company and had all the prerequisites for such loans. Who can get credit cards? Fine Bank of Russia is happy to provide its citizens with all citizens of the Russian Federation. But every program has its advantages and disadvantages. You can find all the necessary information about an institution such as Fine Bank of Russia (credit cards, conditions, etc.) in a wide variety of information sources. And you can go to the nearest branch where bank employees answer all your questions. In principle, however, the conditions for borrowing are the same in many institutions. And note a few more nuances.


How do I get credit cards?

credit cards?

For such a loan the age of the borrower must be between 18 and 30 years old. In addition, the provision of income certificates is a prerequisite to confirm the customer’s solvency. For this, young people do not necessarily have an official job, you just have to go to the dean’s office and present a certificate of the scholarship for the required time. This guarantees the return of loans to the bank.

The card is valid for three years, after which you can either throw it away or order a new one. If the debt is repaid in time, the bank can increase the credit limit or reward the borrower in some other way. Such a promotion can be a gold credit card from Fine Bank of Russia with a high limit and low interest rates. It is issued after the normal credit card has expired. The card limit does not exceed 200,000 dollars, but they usually offer a loan of 3,000 dollars to start with. It all depends on the size of the scholarship – for students – and the amount of income – of a person aged 24 and over. The annual interest rate is 24% plus 750 dollars per year for card maintenance. But there is one positive point – a grace period for repayment (50 days).


We make credit cards advantages

credit cards advantages

This type of program is particularly good if you have to pay in boutiques and supermarkets, as no commission is charged for such a calculation. A 3% commission is usually charged when withdrawing bank deposits from ATMs. The youth loan is a great help for the eternally poor students and the bank definitely gets their interest, even if it is low. According to Fine Bank, many commercial banks have also introduced credit card lines that are only intended for young people. Thanks to today’s diversity, young people are no longer just dealing with Fine Bank. You can choose the best option and order a card from your preferred financial institution.

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