Good Credit Institutions with bank code and Bank Identifier Code

Good Credit Institutions with bank code and Bank Identifier Code

Basic pension and your personal advisor for building society savings and mortgage lending. The first bank was soon followed by a second. Good Finance donates play equipment to the branch of the Maria Königin daycare center in Ahrbergen.

Good Credit Institutions with bank code and Bank Identifier Code

Good Credit Institutions with bank code and Bank Identifier Code

Individual free text header for print output, PDF and permanent reference to the current calculation: Are you registered? By using the permanent link function, your entries made on this page are stored on our web server and are made permanently accessible via a special link (the permanent link in the form of a URL Internet address). The permanent link will be sent to you immediately after setting up in the Internet browser and should be noted by you or stored in some other way, e.g. as a browser bookmark.

If you have an account with and are logged in, the permanent link will be assigned to your account. The user accounts Super Private and Super Business contain permanent link management, via which you can easily call up stored calculations, change them and delete them (even without a delete password). For the sake of protecting the stored information, you link a random cryptic component that is not known to third parties.

However, you have the option of forwarding or publishing the permanent link yourself to third parties. So that you can delete a permanent link later without a bonus user account, you have the option of issuing a voluntary deletion password that is only known to you. Permanent links cannot be deleted without a premium user account and without entering a deletion password in order to send permanent links created by other users to protect them from being deleted.

Optional deletion password


Users with a Super Private or Super Business user account can also change their own saved calculations under and also enter the existing permanent link overwrite. The list includes the Good Credit institutions with the corresponding bank code and BIC (Business / Bank Identifier Code). The bank catalog is prepared in alphabetical order according to the bank name.

“I like to work for a regional bank because I can play an active role in the area and its people there.” My bank is active in our area – we are involved here socially. “Ignite the basic cooperative idea, act together and achieve more. “I like working in my bank because we support local associations and social institutions. “

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